Chess with TOKD

No-nonsense online chess with friends.

Playing online chess today usually means you're going to have to endure at least one of a Java applet, a mobile-only interface or a desktop-only interface. Chess by TOKD aims to change that. I've been working on Chess on-and-off for a few months now with the help of Team OK Dynamite, and it's just about ready to get some real traffic. Chess has a few things that make it my preferred way to play:

Chess has no platform restrictions

Chess has a web interface that works well on both touch- and point-and-click-style devices. You get the same interface on your phone and your PC, no downloads or browser plugins required.

Chess has no accounts

You never log in to Chess; you never even create a user account. All games are played based on email address: when a game is started, we email you a unique, private link to start playing, and we email you again when it's your turn. Most online chess apps try to model an in-person game of chess; Chess takes a different approach, choosing instead to imitate correspondence games.

Chess helps you get better

Chess tracks per-player statistics, letting you track what pieces you tend to lose and what openings you need to practice. It can also track stats from offline games using its manual entry feature; enter a game that you played somewhere else in PGN notation and say who you played it with, and we'll include it in your player stats.

Chess is open-source

Chess is powered by an open-source engine that handles game logic, persistence and serving the web frontend.

You can play it right now

You can play chess with your friends at Enjoy!