Haldean Brown

me@haldean.org, haldean.org, +1 320 584 9293

I am a freelance engineer, researcher, and maker who loves building reliable systems that solve real-world problems in creative and efficient ways. I have experience in robotics, aerospace, medical devices, manufacturing, and consumer electronics, and am always interested in expanding my horizons. I'm always looking for new projects at the intersection of computing and the physical world.

Professional Experience

Symmetry Labs

San Francisco, CA
2018 – current
Software Engineer and Technical Artist

Stealth-mode medical startup

San Francisco, CA
2017 – 2018
Geometry Consultant

  • Created a CAD system to assist medical practitioners in designing prescription medical devices.

Stanford Neural Prosthetics Translational Laboratory

Palo Alto, CA
2017 – 2018
Robotics Consultant

  • Developed a robot controller to take data from a brain-computer interface and translate it into robot motion. Users with physical disabilities were then able to complete grasping tasks entirely using their mind.
  • Derived the forward kinematics of an assitive robot arm, then used a robot control toolkit to perform inverse kinematics in real-time.
  • Designed a miniature USB sensor package that allowed for real-time data collection from an infrared proximity and location sensor, then manufactured the PCB and integrated it into the robot arm.
  • Created a Linux GUI that allowed medical technicians to modify robot control parameters easily and understandably during medical trials.

LMNOP Design

San Francisco, CA
2017 – 2018
Electrical/Mechanical Design Consultant

  • Created a battery-powered travelling mechatronic exhibit that teaches children in elementary school about traffic safety.
  • Designed and fabricated a set of four battery-powered half-scale traffic lights that synchronize with each other over a wireless mesh network.
  • Designed and fabricated two vehicle set pieces that are motorized and slide on tracks, and have integrated safety mechanisms.


San Carlos, CA
2016 – 2017
Senior Engineering Consultant

  • Built a system that can take depth images of a scene, determine what in the scene is measurable by a surveying drone, and then generate paths for the autonomous drone to measure those objects.
  • Implemented many state-of-the-art point-set algorithms for understanding unstructured scene data in a combination of modern C++ and CUDA.
  • Developed novel geometric algorithms, including an algorithm to fit a set of points to a grid with cylindrical topology and extensions to a point-set registration algorithm that allow it to perform better in the presence of minimal overlap.
  • Created a position and attitude estimation system capable of performing sensor fusion and loop-closing SLAM tasks at 50Hz using the GTSAM factor graph library.
  • Migrated a large C++ codebase with significant external dependencies to the Bazel build system and introduced a continuous integration workflow, leading to significantly fewer broken builds and lower engineer frustration.


San Francisco, CA
2014 – 2016
Senior Computational Geometer

  • Built a novel system in Python, C++, Cython and C to calculate toolpaths for CNC mills given a 3D model.
  • Developed software tools and manual procedures to ensure the safe operation of third-party robotic systems.
  • Developed novel geometric algorithms for toolpath generation, including robust algorithms for planar curve offsets, arbitrary curve interpolation, and optimal material removal.
  • Worked closely with mechanical engineers and expert machinists to determine system requirements and to develop a deep understanding of CNC manufacturing principles.
  • Led a team of 3 software engineers building toolpath systems.
  • Gained deep understanding of the Parasolid geometry kernel.
  • Purchased, installed, and maintained on-premises servers and networking equipment for toolpath and simulation systems.

Android Wear, Google

Mountain View, CA
2013 – 2014
Software Engineer

  • Technical lead for — and primary contributor to — the Android Wear Android app.
  • Created and led media control, fitness, and retail mode systems on the watch, and made significant contributions to the notification bridging system
  • Made a number of userspace changes in Android to allow the entire Android framework and Android apps to run with as little as 128MB of RAM and on sub-GHz low-power CPUs.
  • Co-created a patented algorithm for gesture recognition on extremely-low-power dedicated coprocessors.
  • Make a number of improvements to the Android framework, including improving support for notification listeners and a modification to the Android window manager to allow windows to be swiped away.
  • Responsible for all Wear devices displayed at the Google I/O 2014 conference, which included inventory and management of 300 Wear devices, and worked on the conference floor explaining Wear usage and APIs to the 5000 attendees.

Android at Home, Google

Mountain View, CA
Software Engineer

  • Worked on a team developing embedded devices for home control.
  • Implemented a remote-input system capable of remotely controlling a hardware device over a wireless network with sub-20ms input latency.
  • Contributed to a network stack that bridged a TCP/IP network and a Zigbee-ish mesh network.
  • Developed a home-control Android app.

Other work

Education and Professional Organizations


2015 - present

Columbia University

New York, NY, 2008 – 2012
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


Manufacturing and fabrication, physical simulation, geometry and topology, computer graphics, robots and making art with them, spaceflight and satellite technology, light design, theoretical computer science, programming languages, digital electronic design, cooking, wood- and metal-working