me@haldean.org / +1 320 584 9293


Symmetry Labs creates interactive experiences using custom-built LED hardware, controlled by our custom mapping and volumetric animation software, for a wide range of clients and industries.

As Symmetry Lab's Technical Director, I oversee our software development and content creation. I have written sequences and custom animation for all of our major shows since Summer 2018, including the twenty one pilots Bandito tour and The 1,000 Year Bloom in Honolulu, HI. On the software development side, I've written procedural volumetric animations, and designed and built the new frontend for Symmetry's high-performance LED control software.

twenty one pilots: the Bandito tour Symmetry Labs fabricated the upstage LED structure, and I created custom animation for the full two-hour show.

Procedural animation I created dozens of procedural volumetric animations for our custom installation pieces.

Lookdev A major component of my role is assisting clients in look development and content direction.

The 1,000 Year Bloom Symmetry Labs created a 7,200-square-foot installation at a park in Honolulu's Ward Village for the Howard Hughes Corporation. I wrote hours of custom animation to play on loop for the two months the show was up.

Engineering + Art I transformed the technical infrastructure behind Symmetry's installations into a reliable content delivery system.


Outside of work, I experiment with procedural geometry and animation in Houdini. These are of some of my favorite generative sketches.

Bad Guy Procedural lighting in Houdini and Redshift driven by audio input

Cathode Ray Worley noise and a procedural dust simulation. Procedural modelling and animation in Houdini, rendering in Redshift.

Spider-Portal Procedurally-modelled buildings and procedural animation. Modelling, animation, and rendering in Houdini with Mantra, halftone effects and compositing in After Effects.

1612 Audio-driven particle advection through a curl noise velocity volume. Modelled and animated in Houdini, rendered with Redshift.

DLA Implementation of Diffusion-Limited Aggregation in Houdini's VEX language, rendered with Redshift.

Boop Procedural modelling in Houdini, rendered with Redshift.

Pop Procedural modelling and animation in Houdini, rendered with Redshift.